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You value your clients too highly to settle for an uninspiring website.

Engaging web design with professional in-house website development services

Beautiful website design and development to find the custom solutions you need

A template website doesn’t win any friends, but with the wrong team, a custom project can find itself lost in development hell. That’s why we handle both design and development in-house, to translate your vision for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, functional, website - simply.

Your unique, versatile, custom website provides more for your clients and showcases the best of your business - the best first impression you could hope for.

Custom websites that perform
Access and hosting on your terms
Reliable, functional for your clients
Your vision, our expertise

How we do it

Custom websites that perform


Custom websites that perform go beyond just looking aesthetically pleasing. At Studio Sondar, we specialise in creating high-performance websites using WordPress, a powerful and versatile content management system trusted by top web design agencies. Our experienced web development team combines their expertise in WordPress development with their deep understanding of effective web design principles. When you choose Studio Sondar for your web development needs, you can expect a collaborative partnership with our skilled professionals who will work closely with you to understand your unique business objectives and target audience. With our expertise in web development and a deep focus on your specific goals, we create a Webflow or WordPress website that not only captures attention with its captivating design but also drives conversions, increases engagement, and ultimately helps you achieve meaningful business outcomes.

Access and hosting on your terms


When it comes to website access, we ensure that you have full administrative control. As a people-centric web development studio serving the Adelaide area, we understand the importance of empowering you to manage your website with ease. Our team of skilled web designers and developers in Adelaide provides comprehensive 1-on-1 training and video documentation, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to make updates, add new content, and modify existing elements effortlessly. With this level of independence, you can maintain and update your Adelaide website design whenever necessary, without relying on us for every minor change. We believe in giving you the freedom to take control of your online presence and make timely updates that align with your evolving business needs.

Reliable, functional for your clients


When you choose Studio Sondar as your website developer, you can trust that your website projects will be handled with expertise and precision. We have a team of experienced website designers and developers who are dedicated to creating reliable and functional websites that provide a seamless experience for your clients. We understand the importance of a well-developed website that not only represents your brand but also acts as a valuable tool for your business. By prioritizing reliability and functionality, we ensure that your website becomes a powerful asset that supports your goals and delivers an exceptional user experience. Our streamlined web development process, led by our skilled team, ensures efficient project management, clear communication, and timely delivery. With us, you can have full confidence in the development journey and the final result of your website project.

Your vision, our expertise


While your vision guides the direction of the project, as an Adelaide web designer, our expertise as a web design company comes into play to transform that vision into a stunning and functional website. Our team of skilled web developers and designers brings years of experience and industry knowledge to the table. We stay up-to-date with the latest web development trends, technologies, and design practices to ensure that your website is built using the most effective and innovative solutions. With a deep understanding of user behavior, emerging technologies, and website development, we strategically incorporate features and functionalities that enhance user engagement and provide a seamless browsing experience. Partnering with us gives you a lifetime web design opportunity to leverage our expertise and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Strategic planning, creative design and development

With a bespoke website, tailor-made for you to provide the best possible experience for your clients - you aren’t simply picking from a list of features. The benefit of working with a studio that manages in-house development is in the flexibility and versatility of our project. Your vision in plain English can be adapted into a sophisticated user experience to delight, support, and engage with your clients. With all the power in your hands from hosting to access - we’re upfront about your options, and we leave you with the keys and the skills to use them.

Stable, reliable branded website
Website management in your trained hands
Fully customised experience for your users
Attract valued leads
We're web developers that you'll love to chat with, both user-friendly websites and people-friendly meetings. adelaide web development

Tailor-made from whole cloth

Deep design philosophy

Deep Design Philosophy

We take the time to delve deep to represent your unique story and your ideal clients in our design - creating truly characteristic websites and branding.
Inclusive and empowering

Inclusive and Empowering

We’re friendly folk and we don’t try to sell to you with confusing jargon. That goes for your website too, we give you the tools and control to be your own expert.
Wizards of wow factor

Wizards of Wow Factor

We devote ourselves to producing that signature Studio Sondar first impression to give your ideal clients the perfect brand experience - crafted to excite and engage.

How we ensure the success of your website

Deep Dive Workshop & Research
​We first take a deep dive to get all of the information we need to know in order to create designs that will reach the right people and fit your vision. During our workshop, we’ll do exercises like competitor mapping, positioning, user personas and brand voice.
Creative Website Design & Strategy
​From here, we’ll bring your ideas and vision to life. Drawing from our deep discovery, we design the concept - that includes the look, layout, function, and feel. We ensure it tells your story, provides an engaging experience for your future clients, builds credibility with your brand, and has a clear call to action.
Building your New Website
​With a design you’re stoked on, now we bring it to life using interactive and dynamic elements, along with smooth and seamless navigation to keep users engaged and interested in your content. During this process this is where we make sure it’s optimised across devices and search results, and include accessibility feature to allow your full audience access.
Launch & Handover
​It’s all smooth sailing from here! With a checklist that we work to, we get your website hooked up and ready for success. This includes providing 1 on 1 training to help you make future changes, and we even create launch graphics for us both to use to celebrate your new website.

Our promise.

A smooth process that prioritises your vision
Open, understanding, and respectful conversation
Inspiring, creative ideas and collaboration
A slow, tedious, year-long project
Falling off the radar just when you need us
Steamrolled or told it’s our way or the highway

If you don’t love the website design we create for you…
​Then here’s our guarantee

We’re certain that you’re going to be proud of your new website. We’re so sure that, if you aren’t completely satisfied by the time we’ve completed the design portion of your new website, you’ll get your money back to reinvest back into your business. We’ve never had a client be anything less than blown away on launch day, and we have a great feeling that you will be too.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for my custom website to be launched?


For the most part, that’s up to you. We work with you to create the timeline that best meets your needs because our priority is your clients and your goals. A full branded website with all the bells and whistles, from discovery to launch, will generally take at least 3-6 weeks, but we prefer to allow enough time to guarantee your investment has the impact that you desire.

We design and build with a collaborative process - that means you and us are on speed dial. We pre-book our milestone meetings to keep the project on track and the team accountable for delivering an amazing product on time, ready to show the world. For the best outcomes possible. So, with the right cooperation, our usual strategic planning, and a little web wizard magic, your website will be ready before our planned launch date.

How much does web design and development cost?


The investment necessary to build a website is so dependent on a number of factors such as; size, scope, timing, functionality, and many other things. But it’s a really important question! We can’t give you a quick quote in the FAQ section because we don’t know anything about your business or your goals, but we can say that we’ve got a knack for finding a solution that fits within your budget.

The best decision you can make is to get us in a room for a chat - we’re lovely people and we’re more than happy to discuss what you can expect out of your website design budget.

Why should I build a custom website rather than a templated site from a service like Squarespace or Wix?


The short answer is; because it brings so much more value to your business and to your clients. The long answer is a little more complicated!

This comes right back to the ‘why’. Why work with us and go through this process? It’s because we empower business owners to build a profitable and successful online presence that they can be truly proud of. We custom design and develop websites that are unique to you, your business and your business ethos.

We build websites that grow with you, and that have a deep reach by taking the time to understand your dream clients and creating an experience that speaks to them - not a wide net that only finds low-value customers.

There are so many reasons to get it done once, and right, which include stunning design and aesthetics, a unique look that stands out, no theme limitations, a longer shelf-life, room for growth, expert thinking and design, and more. But most importantly, a custom website positions you to set trends instead of following them, and gives you a commercial website that’s literally built to achieve YOUR goals.
And, if we don’t feel you need a fully customised website at your stage in business, you can trust us to be honest about it, because a custom website isn’t for everyone.

How do hosting and domain registration work when we choose Studio Sondar to collaborate with on our new website?


One thing we don’t vibe with is agencies that lock people into things that they can’t control and potentially don’t need, often charging insane prices. We’re here for you for honest and open advice about your options. We’ll also give you a few places that we recommend based on our own previous experiences, and the final say is yours. You’ll always have access to your accounts and we’ll never lock you out of anything that should always belong to you including hosting.

You hold the keys - we can perform maintenance, make changes, and update your information, but ultimately, you’re the homeowner, and we’re the support.

I’m looking for a Webflow web developer or WordPress web developer, can Studio Sondar help?


We love Webflow and WordPress for their flexibility, scalability and customisation, so we use these as our primary platforms to build on. It allows us to create websites that are entirely unique to you and your business and provides the customisation to further develop your website as your business grows.

But, with your goals at the centre of our focus, if we need to reach outside our day-to-day to make something brilliant together, we’re both willing and capable. Our success happens when your plans come to fruition.

Will I be able to edit my own website?


We’re not about locking people out of their websites where they have to pay us money to change a phone number or an email address.

Included in all of our website design, development, or branding projects is 1 on 1 training on how you can edit all of your own content as well as video documentation to help you if you get stuck. You’ll have full administrative access to your website and we’ll just be there for you if you need us.

Do you offer payment plans for your projects?


We understand that direct investments into the future success of your business can be complicated calculations! So, we make the decision to plan for the growth of your business an easy one by being as flexible as possible with your payments. We offer 6 month payment plans on all website design and development projects, and 3 month plans for branding-only projects.

Investing for future success is fundamentally important for any business, and we’re working towards your goals.