We’re building brands with a human element

Through expert strategy, creative design in websites and branding, and a healthy dose of personality, we build a bridge connecting you to your dream clients.
Who is Sondar?

Sondar. It’s Spanish for ‘to explore’

We create websites and branding for passionate businessfolk who know the value of connecting with the right clients.

But it’s the why and the how that matters, and that’s why Sondar is so important. When it comes to your online presence, there are two truths that matter most; future customers are looking at your website, and the best clients - the ones you love - are always going to love you back.

With characteristic brands - not so unrefined as to become confusing, and not so sterile they blur into the noise - we passionately portray your personality, essence, and purpose into unforgettable experiences that reach deeper. With our curiosity and experience, we delve into the emotional connection that the right people find in your organisation. And so we create purposeful and useful websites and branding that seem obvious in hindsight - like an epiphany.

Studio Sondar team planning a project
What you can expect

A brand that grows with you

Our plan? A charming first impression.
Our method? A story.
Our goal? Your success.

We connect our clients with their customers before they even meet them. With a deeper understanding of what you represent to those who value it the most, we’re able to bridge the gap and create genuine connection and excitement.

With imagination-provoking visuals, reflective messages, and thoughtful design, we build you a growing, evolving brand that you’ll be proud to display - a website and brand that connects, converts, and resonates with your future clients.

Meet the crew on the frontline of creative adventures

Your journey through innovation relies upon these wise sages to spin out the gold thread - and you couldn’t be in better hands.

Terri Williams

Founder & Creative Director

Hyper competitive board game player, lover of making anything she deems as ‘cool shit’ and queen of hosting friends.

Nick Timms

Digital Strategist & Designer

Consistently called Tim by people that should know his actual name, can't work without music playing and gets infuriated by slow walkers.

Josh Milligan

Branding & Web Designer

Always loves a cuppa, enjoyer of games, anime, film and a giant Arsenal fan. Can't stand phone scammers.

Sarah Aitken

Creative & Web Designer

Tea drinker, Harry Styles stan, Wes Anderson lover and earring maker renowned for always matching her earrings to her outfit.

Leo Dipdip

Client Support & Lifesaver

Climber of mountains (including Everest), lover of all things nature and grower of roof top veggie gardens.

Holly Latham


Queen of the copywriters (official title)

We create websites that you’re proud of

See your business through our eyes and pave the way to reach your future clients.