Branding that engages, inspires and connects

From current favourites to future followers - reach your ideal clients through branding that speaks to your future and breathes personality.
Effective website branding that speaks to your dream client

Your brand identity tells a story. Is yours a good one?

We give you branding examples, marketing materials, website graphics, and branding tips to reach potential customers

Building the blueprint to connect with charismatic website branding.

Your brand identity, at the heart, holds the story of your business. Your remarkable beginning, your reliable, trustworthy today, and your promising future all spun into an intriguing narrative. But what does that story say? Who is the audience? What do they think?

We define your story with charismatic, strategic branding so you can connect with your dream clients like never before. Build a living brand identity and your target audience will feel like they know you before you ever meet.

Stay professional and approachable
Reach your dream clients
Build a community of loyal customers
Effortlessly scale your business

Finding your identity begins with your community.

What’s in a brand? With a full brand toolkit; logos, fonts, inspiring visuals, and tone, you gain access to the clients that make your business great. But even the most intriguing or appealing logo won’t build a community alone, it needs to represent something - your story.

Bespoke, charismatic branding that resonates with your ideal clients and inspires conversation, intrigue, and confidence in your business relies upon deep understanding of both you and your clients. With strategic branding you’ll build a community of valuable, interested clients around your business.

Messaging that resonates
Better, pre-qualified leads
Fluid and easy community engagement
Re-centre on your purpose
A comprehensive branding strategy to engage your website visitors with uniquely you logo design inspiration

A better brand story to reach your target audience.

Deep design philosophy

Deep Design Philosophy

We take the time to delve deep to represent your unique story and your ideal clients in our design - creating truly characteristic websites and branding.
Inclusive and empowering

Inclusive and Empowering

We’re friendly folk and we don’t try to sell to you with confusing jargon. That goes for your website too, we give you the tools and control to be your own expert.
Wizards of wow factor

Wizards of Wow Factor

We devote ourselves to producing that signature Studio Sondar first impression to give your ideal clients the perfect brand experience - crafted to excite and engage.

A comprehensive process to distill and compose your story.

Deep Dive Workshop & Research
​We first take a deep dive to get all of the information we need to know in order to create designs that will reach the right people and fit your vision. During our workshop, we’ll do exercises like competitor mapping, positioning, user personas and brand voice.
Creative Brand Identity Design & Strategy
From here, we’ll bring your ideas and vision to life. With our discovery document, we create truly representative brand designs to reflect the values of your business. We ensure it tells your story, breathes your uniqueness, builds credibility with your dream clients, and creates real brand recognition for your business.
Developing your Brand
​Now that your new branded identity is representative, on-point, and locked down, we’ll bring it to life through your assets, collateral, and marketing. This is where we’ll collaborate with you to create a consistent and beautiful brand experience across all elements of your business.
Brand Guide Handover
It’s all smooth sailing from here! Now that we’ve created a solidified brand that hits your dream clients, breathes your vision, and values and encapsulates the visuals that represent you as a business, it’s time to flaunt it! On handover, we’ll provide you with all of the files you need across print and digital media to launch your new brand, as well as guidelines that you can use as the guiding star towards brand consistency going forward.

Our promise.

A smooth process that prioritises your vision
Open, understanding, and respectful conversation
Inspiring, creative ideas and collaboration
A slow, tedious, year-long project
Falling off the radar just when you need us
Steamrolled or told it’s our way or the highway

If you don’t love the website design we create for you…
​Then here’s our guarantee

We’re certain that you’re going to be proud of your new website. We’re so sure that, if you aren’t completely satisfied by the time we’ve completed the design portion of your new website, you’ll get your money back to reinvest back into your business. We’ve never had a client be anything less than blown away on launch day, and we have a great feeling that you will be too.

Frequently asked questions

When you create my brand identity, what will I receive in my brand kit?


The final turnover will include all the details that fit within your original scope, but a full package of branding will include a brand discovery workshop to kick off our process and define your brand strategy, a branding presentation with logo options based on your brand strategy, customised brand guidelines including brandmarks, colour palettes, typography, brand application examples,  brand tone of voice and custom iconography.

Your brand identity will be everything that we’ve scoped for - strategically planned to meet your goals.

How much does branding typically cost?


Like many other services, the cost of branding services is dependent on a number of factors such as; scope, timing, design, and many other things. We can’t give a round number for all branding packages while still strategically designing your branding to suit your business and audience, and also meet your goals. But we’re flexible on scope and happy to customise our services to fit your budget and still produce a brand that achieves what you want and makes you incredibly proud.

The best decision you can make is to get us in a room for a chat - we’re lovely people and we’re more than happy to discuss what you can expect out of your design budget.

Do you only perform website branding, or will you work on full digital branding strategies without a website?


While our branding is mostly done in combination with strategic websites - we also love working on branding projects by themselves too.

We’re flexible and we orient our projects around your goals, so if you aren’t sure about what direction to go down, be it just branding, a branded website, or any other elements, just sit down for a chat and we can discuss your options.

What do you need from me to get started on my new branding?


Our process is collaborative and investigative to begin, so just be ready to dive deep into discovery right as we get started! We’ll be asking you all about yourselves, your business, your clients, your vision, and your goals before diving deeper to find the right brand strategies.If you feel unsure about how much you can provide during discovery, just come with an open mind - we’re old hands at finding the right details!

How long will it take for my brand kit handover or branded website to be launched?


For the most part, that’s up to you. We work with you to create the timeline that best meets your needs because our priority is your clients and your goals. A full branded website with all the bells and whistles, from discovery to launch, will generally take at least 3-6 weeks, and 2-4 weeks for a full branding package, but we prefer to allow enough time to guarantee your investment has the impact that you desire.

We design and build with a collaborative process - that means you and us are on speed dial. We pre-book our milestone meetings to keep the project on track and the team accountable for delivering an amazing product on time, ready to show the world. For the best outcomes possible. So, with the right cooperation, our usual strategic planning, and a little web wizard magic, your website or branding will be ready before our planned launch date.

Will I be able to edit my own website or branded materials?


We’re not about locking people out of their websites where they have to pay us money to change a phone number or an email address.
Included in all of our website design, development, or branding projects is 1 on 1 training on how you can edit all of your own content as well as video documentation to help you if you get stuck. You’ll have full administrative access to your website and we’ll just be there for you if you need us.

Do you offer payment plans for your projects?


We understand that direct investments into the future success of your business can be complicated calculations! So, we make the decision to plan for the growth of your business an easy one by being as flexible as possible with your payments. We offer 6 month payment plans on all website design and development projects, and 3 month plans for branding-only projects.
Investing for future success is fundamentally important for any business, and we’re working towards your goals.